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Click here for: info on how to modify certain cameras.

NEW in May 2011" Field Marshal" feature is available. Combines time lapse and motion sensing!
Operation  for boards ordered on or after 6/10/08

Operation  for boards ordered on or after 7/20/07

Operation  for boards ordered before 7/20/07

Click here for board dimensions and specs: board specs

Click here for a hole template for boards with the sensor on the back Template NOTE: Make very sure that the template prints the correct size before drilling any holes. The template should measure 3 inches by 1-1/4 inches.


Features for Controller Board (For building your own trail cameras!)
NEW "Movie Mode" and "Counter" FEATURES ADDED 6/10/08!

-1 year Parts and Labor Warranty
- Works with most any camera that can be controlled with 3 wires. The Advanced Setup Allows you to select the proper timings for the camera you are using.
- Easy Setup:
- Long battery life: at just ~50 microAmps, one 9Volt battery will last 8 months to 1 year!
- Several time delay settings between pictures:
The new short time delays were added so that you can adjust the minimum delay to how fast your camera flash will charge.
- 5S, 10S, 15S, 20S, 1M, 2M, 5M and 10M delays
- Time delays can be set separately for day and night: no one else does this!
- New Counter Feature: counts each time the camera shutter is "pressed". So you will know how many pictures you missed if the camera batteries are depleted, because the counter will keep on counting.
- Pictures Per Event Mode: With this mode, you can select 1 to 4 pictures per event, Movie Mode, or our Activity Mode, which is great for catching that trailing buck during the rut!
- “Walk test?mode When in this mode, the camera will not trigger and you will see an ultra bright LED light up when motion is detected to ensure proper alignment and distance.
- Day, Night or 24 Hour Mode Works when you want it to.
- Adjustable sensitivity: Can be set at Very High, High, Medium or Low.
- 0 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperature range

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