Field Marshal Feature Includes Time Lapse and Motion Detection all in one system!




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“Field Marshal?Time Lapse/Motion Detection System
With this feature, you have a menu option to turn time lapse on or off. With it on, you can leave the external motion switch off and it will just do time lapse. If you want both, just turn the motion switch on. It will still take pictures at the set interval, even with motion pictures in between. Of course if you want day only, just select that from the menu like normal. At this time, that includes pictures from motion and time lapse. There are 11 different lapse times to choose from:
-20 Seconds
-1 Minute
-2 Minutes
-5 Minutes
-10 Minutes
-30 Minutes
-1 Hour
-2 Hours
-6 Hours
-12 Hour
-24 Hours
The time that the lapse period starts can not be selected. When you exit the menu with time lapse turned on, you have 30 seconds to get the camera set before the 1st picture is taken and the time starts.
These units are not super accurate on timing and can be off one way or the other because of several factors like the tolerances built into the components and temperature changes. In a 24-hour period, they could be off up to 15 minutes or so, but will be pretty close.
What do you lose with this feature?
As far as functionality…nothing, but in order to add the time lapse code, the “Advanced Settings?that are on the older standard program had to be removed. These settings allowed you to select your camera type, so you could use the board with pretty much any camera. With the Field Marshal feature, you select the camera type when you order. If you need to change to a different camera type later, we can reprogram the chip for you.

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