Picaxe motion sensor board - uses the picaxe 08M2 chip so you can program it yourself!
(comes preprogrammed)

Control a trail camera, or use it to control other electronics too.




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SSII Operation Instructions
When the board powers on, it will automatically be in “walk test" mode. In this mode, each time motion is detected, the red LED will light. Use walk test to get the camera pointed where you want, and then just leave it. After not detecting motion for 30 seconds, walk test mode turns off and it is now in picture taking mode.

In picture taking mode, there are two options; either trail setup, or feeder setup.

On the trail setup, once motion is detected, the camera will power on and capture the 1st picture. Then it will stay on and wait to see if anything else comes down the trail so that it can very quickly get the next picture. It will wait approximately 30 seconds and then shut off to conserve batteries until the next animal comes down the trail.

On feeder setup, when motion is detected, the camera will power on and take a picture, then wait about 15 seconds for the flash to recharge and then shut off. The camera will not be allowed to take another picture for one minute.

NOTE: For DSLR and always on type cameras, operation is the same, except the camera stays on all of the time.

To increase the sensitivity, turn the white sensitivity knob clockwise. It's recommended to start with it in the center position.
Click here for a hole template: "SSII Template" NOTE: Make very sure that the template prints the correct size before drilling any holes. The template should measure about 2.16 inches by .67 inches. Don't go to "File, Print"....Use the print button on the Adobe Reader tool bar, and set the "Page Scaling" to "NONE" and you shouldn't have any problems.

Click here for: Programming Info

Click here for: Free Sample Programs

Features for the SSII (For building your own trail cameras!)

-6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty
- Sensitivity adjustment
- Easy Setup: "Either set it for use on a trail, or on a feeder; that's it, you are ready to go."
- Long battery life: at just 30 microAmps, one battery will last over 2 years!
- “Walk test?mode When in this mode, the camera will not trigger and you will see an ultra bright LED light up when motion is detected to ensure proper alignment and distance.
- Programmable...literally (comes preprogrammed). The board has a picaxe 08M2 chip. With a free program and an inexpensive programmer kit, you can modify and create your own program to control the camera, or other devices how you want.

Click here for: Programming Info

Click here for: Free Sample Programs