How To Connect Canon and Nikon SLR Camera To Motion Semsor

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First, your camera has to have the jack for a shutter release cable. This should be for a 2.5mm stereo plug.

The Canon, cameras only require a conection for shutter and common, but DON'T USE A 2 WIRE STEREO CABLE! If you do, then it will connect auto-focus to common when you plug it in, so it's like holding the half shutter press all of the time and will run your battery dead quickly. Use a 3 wire plug, but still only connect shutter and common to the motion sensor board, leave the 3rd wire (auto-focus) disconnected.

For Nikon cameras, you will connect all 3 wires to the motion sensor board.

More info coming soon! Please feel free to contact me through email using the contact link on the left of this page if you need more info now.

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